Individuals have a human right to protect themselves. A right protected by both the Constitutions of New Hampshire and the United States. Any individual, who may legally purchase and carry a firearm should be allowed to do so within the State, with no restrictions. Concealed carry permits should remain free from taxation/fees imposed by the State. Criminals do not obey gun laws. That does not mean there shouldn’t be laws on the books to punish those who use a firearm to harm others. I am committed to thoroughly reviewing all existing State gun laws and to ensuring those laws provide severe penalties for those found in violation of the law. During this review, I will work to ensure New Hampshire remains free of regulations that hinder law-abiding members of the shooting industry and its clients.


The opioid crisis is real and it has hit New Hampshire especially hard. Putting users in jail or prison for non-violent drug-related offenses doesn’t solve anything. Without proper treatment and rehabilitation facilities, people will continue to overdose on heroin and other opioids. Regarding marijuana, there are zero valid reasons why it shouldn’t be legal to purchase or consume. We should emulate current laws in States such as Colorado, while soliciting and reviewing feedback from consumers and businesses in those States, to learn what we can do to improve on their successes. Paying for opioid treatment and rehabilitation facilities can be done by taxing marijuana at a reasonable rate. Unrealistic rates of 50-75% won’t work. They gouge consumers and encourage black markets. I suggest a modest 10% tax on marijuana sales. This money, or a significant portion thereof, should be earmarked for addressing issues associated with the opioid crisis.


I’m not going to get into the “Taxes are Theft” argument. It’s a nice tag line and it gets people’s attention. But that’s about all it does. Instead of ranting, let’s have a rational discussion of tax usage. Where do your tax dollars actually go? Shouldn’t we take a look and see if there is any waste, fraud and/or abuse happening? Shouldn’t your elected officials review the policies they’re implementing and proposing to learn what they’re actually doing? I believe they should, and I will push for a complete audit of all State spending. With the exception of my proposed marijuana tax, I will not vote, or agree, to any new taxes unless we can identify and eliminate waste currently within the State budget.


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